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Relieve the rich history background of the Philippines as you step into the city of Hero, Dapitan a part of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines. Getting here is most likely convenient and there are several ways to get here made it accessible to tourists. Domestic flights are available in Dipolog Domestic Airport and travel by Land by Bus from Cagayan De Oro City, there are also Maritime Vessel that dock on some Neighboring town of Dapitan.

Dapitan stands proud among its neighboring city, for this town houses a significant event in retracing the rich history of the Filipino country, the town where the Philippines’ national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal first fell in love and was exiled. This momentous event is now considered as one of the source of income for the villagers as Tourist rush to this place to bring their self back in time. To some tourist and adventurer, they visit this because of their annual KINABAYO FESTIVAL happening every June 12 until July 25. This festival centers its celebration on the BATTLE OF CAVADONGA a dance interpretation on how Spanish Moorish won against all odds. This feast also celebrated to honor their patron SAINT JAMES. Another reason why you should choose Dapitan is the time to escape from the hustle and stress brought by your job and career by taking a thrust in their pristine water in a secluded paradise located at DAKAK beach Resort. Like any other resort, this Resort also offers a complete facilities and an array of food shop, which offer both native and grilled seafood that is very tempting, and be entertained by some local artist playing acoustic music. Fun and outdoor activities such as Kayaking, Snorkeling and most of all Island Hopping at Aliguay Island a very stunning beach haven where magnificent coral and powdery white sand, all of this are also being offer in the resort. But the most unique experience you will experience upon check in here in this resort is an entertainment like luau Hawaiian themed dance presentation done by some locals, this resort also presents a cultural heritage dance they call SINKIL (a dance Reenacting the life of a Princess being abducted and was rescued with his husband). Another way to enjoy this city is to take a city tour, which you will see the Rizal Shrine, which venerate how his life as an exile in this place was.

Kids also find a fantasy paradise in this place upon visiting the Fantasyland also located in Dapitan. Immeasurable fun and excitement can surely be achieved with almost 30 types of Rides and other forms of amusement. Well-attired cartoon character and fairies are also scattered all over the vicinity to delight the eyes of all the visitors. Shopping can also be done inside fantasyland for there are boutiques where you can purchase your “Pasalubong” for your loved ones. This place is surely a sanctuary of fun, relaxation, and amusement that needs to be discovered, a place of peace and natural beauty reside.

Whether you are looking for some great outdoor experience, historical venue, adventure, or relaxation, Dapitan has it all. It is for almost all kinds of tourists!

       a flight to Zamboanga City then a bus to Dapitan City
       a flight to Dipolog city then a bus to Dapitan City.
       bus from Cagayan de Oro City to Dapitan
    Main Attractions
       Dakak’s white sand beaches
       horseback riding and hiking in the mountains of the Dakak Park Beach Resort
       Gloria Fantasyland
       Annual Kinabayo Festival
       Rizal Shrine
       Scuba Diving
       Señor Santiago Steak House
       Dapitan City Aquamarine Park
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Dakak Park and Beach Resort


If you’re looking for a place to relax, Dakak Park and Beach Resort is a sure list-topper. With its pristine sand, clear waters and serene atmosphere, it’s the perfect getaway for worn-out urban professionals, families on vacation or couples planning a honeymoon. Solo-flyers can also enjoy a total solitary haven.

Dakak Park and Beach Resort
Dakak Beach Resort

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