The Philippines is known for its unlimited wonders and well diverse ecosystem. It also abode some people who are known for their sweetest smile and hospitable traits. A mishmash of culture made this archipelago unique to other country. Being known as the Pearl of the orient sea, this country truly domiciles an incomparable beauty and wonders, a world class tourist destination that has a lot to offer!

Part of being a Filipino is a title to be the most family oriented individual, this tradition is still being applied now a days, and it goes beyond bloodline, Filipino people consider all the people that surrounds them as a member of the family, that enable each individual to feel a comfort coming from a family member. If tourists like you happen to visit a country like Philippines and live at the house of a Filipino friend, you will notice a very special treatment that will be given to their visitor, in a way that the host chooses to sleep on the floor just to let their visitors sleep on their bed, a special array of food will be serve that is rarely being serve on a usual day, each of the family member consider their visitor as part of their family, a warm welcome awaits. Family Reunions and other forms of family gatherings are still well practice in this country, a celebration like this, allows them to re connect themselves to their entire distant relatives, these form of merrymaking are being pass through generations.

Filipino Cuisine DishWhenever you are here in the Philippines never miss to taste their lavish selection of food. from appetizer down to dessert name it and this has it all. A very good example of the food that you must try is their national food “Lechon” where the pig is being roasted as whole, the skin of Lechon is so superb, so crispy, crunchy and the Rib part of their Lechon is so flavorful were you would ask for more. A celebration or any important event in-line with merrymaking and social gathering will not be completed without LECHON on the table.

Because the Philippines is being divided into several regions, specialtyPhilippine Adobo and a wide array of delicious delicacy also vary. Most of the hotels and restaurant scattered al throughout the country use some authentic Filipino cuisine as their specialty. From Lavish, Delicious, Sumptuous food, another way to experience a true Filipino taste is to try some of their surreal delicacy. One of which are the very famous among Filipinos, the “BALUT” is like a hardboiled egg coming from a duck but with the twist, another food that would really surprise you is their “DINUGUAN”. This food is made out of some selected internal organ of a pork and its blood. Cooked and serve with “PUTO” it’s like a Cup cake but made out of rice flour, and the taste? It’s absolutely terrific.

Banaue rice teracesAnother way to enjoy this country is to visit what Mother Nature bestowed on this county, a variety of rich biodiversity scattered all over the island. Philippines is the perfect place to commune yourself with nature and to indulge your senses with its crystal clear and prestine beaches. Heritage sites and Historical site that has been a part of the world history also resides in this country.

Philippines- a country that offers more than just a vacation, but it’s a home away from home… MABUHAY!!!

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